Specialists in Scientific Laboratory Equipment Repair

I don't know if my unit is still under a manufacturer warranty. Who should I call?

Call us first! We can find out if it is under any warranty, and we are authorized to provide warranty service. If it is out of warranty, you'll save money by using your local service company.

Do you provide emergency service?

Yes. Call our office and follow the prompts for after hour service calls.

What is preventative maintenance service?

It is a top to bottom inspection of your unit to verify that your equipment is operating at optimal performance. For refrigeration units, it includes cleaning of your condenser, which can help extend the life of your compressor.

What is the benefit of scheduling preventative maintenance service?

It keeps your unit running at peak levels, saves on energy costs, and can help identify potential problems, so they can be fixed prior to the equipment failing.

How often should preventative maintenance be done?

It varies on the type of unit. Typically, manufacturers recommend preventative maintenance be scheduled every 6 months.

Is preventative maintenance service expensive?

No. Discounts are also available for customers with multiple units.

Do you provide NIST certifications?


Is the calibration of your instrumentation NIST traceable?

Yes, our instruments are calibrated annually and the appropriate documentation is kept on file and is available for our customers.

My incubator is still holding temperature, but it has begun making noise. Should I call for service?

Yes. The source of the noise needs to be determined, in order to prevent an equipment failure.

How often should the in-line filters and HEPA filters on my incubator be replaced?

Manufacturers recommend that HEPA filters and in-line filters be changed at least once per year.

What is the benefit of a service contract?

Coverage, cost, and peace of mind. For customers that have to work within an annual budget, this simplifies your equipment repair and maintenance costs.

Brands Serviced

  • Barnstead International
  • Baxter
  • Blue M
  • Caron
  • CSZ
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Forma Scientific
  • Harris
  • Helmer
  • Heraeus
  • Horizon Scientific
  • Hotpack
  • IEC
  • Jouan
  • Kelvinator
  • Kendro
  • Labline
  • LRP
  • New Brunswick
  • Panasonic
  • Puffer Hubbard
  • Richard-Allen Scientific
  • ScienTemp
  • SL
  • SO-LOW
  • SPX
  • Stirling Ultracold
  • Tenney
  • Thermo
  • Thermo Fisher
  • ThermoSavant
  • VWR
  • VirTis